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Top quality Bosch lighting technology

A reliable vehicle lighting system is particularly important when poor visibility makes driving difficult. This is the only way of optimally illuminating the road surface and making sure you are seen in good time by all other road users. Lighting technology and automotive bulbs from Bosch are shining examples of how to increase safety. The broad product range offers greater safety, outstanding quality and an above-average service life. The right product is available for every application and more or less any vehicle. As part of our outstanding all-round service, our workshops can of course also offer you expert maintenance and repair.

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We recommend: Replacement bulb box from Bosch

If ever a bulb stops working while you are on the road, a new one is always to hand with the replacement bulb box from Bosch. What's more: In certain countries it is even obligatory to have a box like this in the vehicle. Bosch Car Service can offer a choice of the handy compact Minibox or the Maxibox containing virtually all the replacement bulbs your car will ever need.

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Auxiliary lamps

Auxiliary lampsIf you want to be absolutely on the safe side, it is a good idea to optimize the standard lighting of your car by adding auxiliary lamps. These are particularly useful at night in remote areas, as they help you to spot potential hazards sooner. Bosch can offer an extensive range guaranteed to provide far better illumination of the road surface. But it is still a difficult choice: Xenon or halogen, standard or narrow beam? Well worth knowing: Bosch auxiliary lamps with the latest xenon gas discharge technology produce up to three times more light than with halogen technology. What's more, they are available with two different light profiles – "wide and long" for a standard beam or "narrow and long" for somewhat more concentrated illumination of the road surface.

Floodlamps and spot lamps

FloodlampsFor people who have to work a lot at night and rescue services, additional lighting is more or less essential. Bosch can offer a wide variety of products and has a comprehensive range of lamps featuring powerful halogen, xenon and LED technology. Enjoy the benefits of far greater light efficiency, a long service life and extremely low power consumption. Whether you are looking for a floodlamp with a wide beam for illuminating large areas or a spot lamp with a narrow beam for concentrated illumination of distant objects, we will be pleased to advise you and retrofit your vehicle to suit your needs.

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Light and Sight Guide

Light and Sight Guide

Did you know that daytime driving lights are obligatory in 20 EU countries? Cars traveling with dipped headlights are always easier to see – in fog, snow or rain. Yet more information and advice about lighting and optimum visibility in road traffic can be found in the Bosch Car Service Light and Sight Guide.

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