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Bosch Car Service: Summer Travel Guide

What Checks Should You Perform Before Setting Off on Vacation

Holiday at last! But while you can sit back and relax, your vehicle has a lot to cope with. The greater load, high speeds, hot weather and long downhill stretches are a source of immense strain, not just for the brakes. To make sure your car gets you safely to your destination it is well worth giving some thought to a few important aspects before starting off:

checking tire pressure

  • The tire inflation pressure should be adjusted to the next highest total vehicle weight for safer driving and to reduce fuel consumption and tire wear. Important information can be found in the owner's manual.
  • Do not load the vehicle beyond the limits specified in the vehicle documents.
  • Check the condition of the jack, tool kit, and first aid kit and replace if necessary.
  • Check the levels of windshield washer fluid and anti-freeze.
  • Check the oil level and top off if necessary.

How to Best Pack Your Car

Have you any idea how much force can develop inside a vehicle on full braking or in an accident? Objects flying around as a result are often the cause of serious injuries to the passengers. You can avoid these situations by following these tips on packing your car:

Loading the vehicle

  • Heavy objects should be stowed right at the bottom of the trunk directly behind the backseat.
  • Never pile up luggage to above the height of the backrests in vans.
  • Try not to leave any gaps and pack individual items of luggage as closely together as possible.
  • Fix the load in position with straps or use non-slip mats.
  • Make sure the driver's vision is not obstructed in any direction.

What Do You Have to Consider When Towing a Camper

Taking your own camper is the ideal solution if you want to be independent and set up camp wherever you want. As well as plenty of comfort there is also sufficient room for extra luggage. But to make sure you reach your destination safely, there are certain points to note with regard to stowing luggage and driving:


  • Wherever possible secure the luggage with straps or non-slip mats.
  • Always stow heavy items in the middle and directly over the axle to ensure optimum road holding and assist the braking action.
  • Drive as carefully as possible on account of the longer braking distances and reduced pulling power.
  • Should the camper start to skid or swerve, release the accelerator gently and try to keep the vehicle and camper on course by cautiously counter-steering.

Driving Safely Through Construction Zones

Road construction generally takes place during summer and unfortunately, so do the most work zone fatalities. Follow these tips from the Department of Transportation on how to safely traverse construction zones.


Obey the Posted Speed Limit

• Workers may be present only a few feet away and be prepared to slow down if conditions indicate the need.

Stay Alert

• Dedicate your full attention to the roadway and avoid distractions.

Don't Tailgate

• Keep a safe distance between vehicles to allow for proper stopping.

Expect the Unexpected

• Workers, Trucks and other work vehicles may enter your lane without warning.

Follow Posted Construction Sign Instructions

What to Double Check Before Traveling

With all the chaos of planning a journey it is easy to forget important details. So before starting off we recommend taking the time to check the following points once again:

  • Have you secured the load properly?
  • Have the mirrors been optimally adjusted to your requirements?
  • Are the child seats firmly secured and is everyone wearing their seat belts?
  • Have you remembered all the necessary documents?

Tips to Help Keep Your Children's Spirits High

girl in trunk

  • Plan regular stops to give children the chance to run around and release pent up energy.
  • Give consideration to children's normal routines and plan to accommodate their usual eating and sleeping times.
  • If they are old enough, get the children involved in planning the journey so they can help find the best route and follow where they are going on the GPS.
  • Keep them entertained and interested during the journey by playing simple guessing games like "I spy".
  • Pack extra electronic games, batteries and headphones for them to use during the trip.


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