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Car Drivers Show Confidence in Wipers from Bosch

Bosch offers a full line of windshield wiper blades engineered for extreme all-weather performance to ensure visibility no matter the weather condition.

Quality Products at Bosch Car Service: Wipers

Superior Wiping Technology

For over 75 years, motorists have relied on Bosch wiper blades for superior performance, quality and the latest in wiper blade technology. It’s Bosch’s knowledge of the complete Original Equipment wiping system that makes Bosch an expert in wiper performance.


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A Blade for Every Car's Needs

Wiper blades are one of the most critical safety components on a vehicle. Bosch produced a number of wiper blades to fit your car’s needs;

Beam Blades: Are designed without metal or plastic brackets, joints or hinges, reducing streaking

Hybrid Blades: Have the framework of a conventional blade, but the aerodynamics of a beam blade

Conventional: Have a metal framework that holds the rubber in place.

Beam Wiper Blades: For Maximum Performance

Beam blades from Bosch don't have any of the conventional joints and brackets. Instead, they feature a tailor-made high-tech single blade which adapts perfectly to the curvature of the windshield and distributes the contact pressure evenly..

AerotwinThe advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent wiping performance thanks to superior technology
  • Even contact pressure ensures up to 30% longer service life
  • Reduced surface area minimizes wind noise
  • Top quality wiping even at high speeds
  • Better equipped for winter conditions

Insight Maximum Performance Hybrid Wiper Blades: For a Long Service Life

Insight wiper blades from Bosch are used for all applications involving particularly tough conditions. This innovative hybrid blade has a a streamlined design that utilizes patented single beam technology to help provide a replacement for your vehicle's original equipment, hybrid windshield wiper blade. With the aid of the Quick-Clip universal adapter they are easy to fit on any vehicle and their advanced technology guarantees both optimum cleaning action and maximum safety.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Graphite coated, natural rubber for a quiet wipe
  • Precision tension springs for uniform application
  • Robust integrated spoiler for increased aerodynamics
  • Quick-Click universal adapter, the perfect fit for all vehicle models

MicroEdge Improved Performance Conventional Wiper Blades: For an Unbeatable Price/Performance Ratio

MicroEdge wiper blades from Bosch have a particularly good price/performance ratio. Their sturdy metal bracket system is extremely durable and robust, while the graphite-coated natural rubber wiper blade element ensures thorough wiping. Thanks to the pre-assembled universal adapter they can be quickly and easily replaced by our workshop experts – at an equally attractive price.

EcoThe advantages at a glance:

  • Durable and robust thanks to a sturdy metal bracket system
  • Graphite-coated natural rubber wiper blade element for thorough wiping
  • Pre-assembled universal adapter for quick fitting
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio

Rear Wiper Blades: For an Excellent Rear View

All the various types of Bosch Rear wiper ensure optimum visibility and more safety when reversing. The flexible back of the blade element and the wear-resistant wiper blade edge guarantee outstanding, quiet operation and a long service life. The Bosch Rear wiper range is available for almost all vehicle models.

RearThe advantages at a glance:

  • Rear wipers from Bosch are available for almost all vehicle models and to suit individual requirements
  • Icon beam blade and designer wipers – attractive appearance and maximum performance
  • Conventional metal bracket system – particularly robust and durable for a long service life
  • Replacement wiper blade elements

When to Replace Your Wipers

Most manufacturers recommend inspecting your wiper blades every six months for wear. The rubber component in a wiper blade deteriorates due to road debris, chemicals, and environmental factors like climate.

Some types of blades last longer than others, but regular wiper blade replacement is an essential part of regular vehicle maintenance.

Failures can be identified by excessive noise, streaking, large un-wiped areas of the windshield and chattering. If the rubber has started to tear apart from the blade it should be replaced immediately.

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