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Passenger Car Batteries

Is your car battery ready for action and properly equipped for the winter? The specialists at Bosch Car Service centers will be pleased to check, service or replace your car’s battery and properly dispose of the old one.

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The Right Fit

Today, modern vehicles are fitted with ever more demanding electronic equipment, from start/stop systems, navigation units to a various electrical needs. Which means that choosing the appropriate battery for your car is crucial to the performance of your vehicle.

Bosch has the batteries that meet any of your vehicles needs.

Strong & Reliable

Bosch batteries start vehicles and a wide range of equipment in all kinds of weather conditions. Their innovative technology makes these energy packs resistant to high temperatures in the engine compartment.

Our batteries have an extreme tolerance for short-distance driving and reliable operational safety throughout the service life of the battery.

AGM Battery: Cutting Edge of Technology

The Bosch S6 High Performance AGM Battery supplies enough power for frequent starts and stops and a reliable source of power for electronic consumption.

The advantage of the Bosch S6 Battery

  • 2x longer life than conventional starter batteries
  • 4-year free replacement warranty
  • Free Roadside Assistance

Remember, always replace your AGM battery with another AGM battery.

First-class quality with Bosch S5, S4, S3 batteries

These batteries stand out from the competition for their longer service life and excellent cold starting power. Each class of battery is designed to meet the various electronic demands of your vehicle.

The advantages of the S5, S4, & S3 Battery

  • Dependable power in accordance to OEM requirements
  • Free Roadside Assistance for S5 & S4
  • Flushed tops for minimized risk of acid leakage

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