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Professional holiday check

If you are planning a long drive and want to be sure of getting there safe and sound, Bosch Car Service is always the right address. Our experts will give your car a full check to make sure you enjoy a pleasant, trouble-free journey and have a relaxing holiday when you get there.

  • For all vehicle models of any age
  • Qualified, high-speed fault diagnosis
  • Genuine spare parts to OEM standard

Straight to your destination

A thorough holiday check is not only good for your car, it is also of direct relevance to the safety of all vehicle occupants. We use the latest diagnostic equipment for comprehensive checking to locate any possible faults and put these right. This is primarily intended to reduce the risk of accidents and annoying breakdowns on the way to your well-earned break. You can find more useful advice on how to prepare for a long car journey in our Holiday Guide.

Planning a journey by car

If you intend to drive to your destination, it is a good idea to consider a holiday check for your car when you are making your plans. Wherever you are thinking of going, you can count on our expert workshop personnel for qualified and reliable fault diagnosis. This includes looking at wearing parts and safety-related components to check that they are in proper working order. If any problems come to light, our service mechanics will discuss them with you and put them right straight away. And then: Off you go.

A holiday check is better than a shock on holiday

Would you have known? The poor condition of around one in four vehicles makes these a hazard to everyone on the road. So it is always a good idea to have a holiday check done on your car by Bosch Car Service before setting off. It does not cost much to obtain reliable information on whether your vehicle is safe to drive on holiday. By doing so you can avoid not only accidents and annoying breakdowns, but also unnecessary fines and the risk of having to stop for repairs en route. Nonetheless, a basic check of this type can never be a substitute for regular maintenance and inspection work at the intervals specified by the manufacturer. Because only experts know where the real danger may lie.

Our expert advice

Do you know what hygroscopy is? It is certainly not another word for travel sickness. It quite simply means that the brake fluid in your car is constantly absorbing water. If this reaches a level of more than 3%, vapor bubbles may develop at high temperatures and be compressed on braking. This hampers the build-up of sufficient brake pressure and in the worst case can lead to total failure of the entire braking system. Our recommendation: For your own safety have the brake fluid in your car changed every 2 years.

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