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Professional vehicle check

If you want to be sure of driving safely at all times, we will take a close look at your car in the course of a vehicle check – fast, thorough and not expensive.

  • For all vehicle models of any age
  • Seasonal checking and maintenance
  • Genuine spare parts of OEM standard

Checking avoids future problems

A thorough vehicle check is not only good for your car, it is also of direct relevance to your own safety. Our specialists use the latest diagnostic equipment to find out whether your vehicle is in safe technical condition and whether all components are functioning properly. This is primarily intended to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and increase the personal safety of all vehicle occupants. It also helps to ensure that expensive, annoying breakdowns are a thing of the past. And we also have the perfect answer if you want to be doubly sure: Our full inspection including free mobility guarantee.

Expert knowledge for greater safety

You can have a vehicle check performed at any time of year - and indeed you should. Our Bosch Car Service Center offer qualified, high-speed fault diagnosis employing the latest test equipment from Bosch all year round. In addition to drawing on their extensive knowledge, our expert mechanics have the benefit of working with a complete range of Bosch quality products and specific servicing information for all models. This guarantees that the safety-related components are properly checked and that all the fluids (brake fluid, oil, coolant) and filters are professionally replaced.

Safe driving

The number of people killed in traffic accidents has continued to drop over the past few years. A good sign in view of the fact that there are serious faults in nearly 25% of the vehicles on the road. The inexpensive vehicle check from Bosch Car Service provides reliable information on whether or not your vehicle is completely roadworthy. It helps you to avoid both dangerous situations and expensive repair work. You should nevertheless always keep an eye on the regular maintenance intervals, as only an expert can tell where potential hazards may lie.

Our expert advice

Would you have known? Good visibility is essential for safe driving and is even required by law. Only top quality wipers can meet this challenge, as they have to clean an area equivalent to as many as 60 football pitches over the course of their lifetime. So we recommend using the superior action of Bosch wipers. And if you buy them at one of our workshops, you can not only be sure of excellent visibility, we will also fit them free of charge.

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