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Bosch brake innovations: providing safety for more than 90 years

Our brake innovations have been ensuring road safety for more than 90 years. And we will continue to dedicate ourselves passionately to improving driving safety even further. In doing so, we benefit from decades of experience and comprehensive system expertise. For you, this means that you can fully rely on our products.

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Bosch brake systems

For more than 90 years, numerous patents and product innovations have lucidly shown that hardly anyone else knows brake systems as well as Bosch. This extraordinary competence is also reflected in the almost complete range of brake components.

A history of Bosch innovations

Back in the 1920s, automotive brakes could hardly cope with the engine performance and the weight of the vehicles of that time. In 1927, Bosch presented the pneumatic servo brake cutting the brake distance of trucks by one third. Furthermore a patent filed as early as 1936 laid the basis for the modern anti-lock braking system (ABS) although its series production only started in 1978.

ESP®: Preventing the risk of skidding or slipping

The traction control system (TCS) and the electronic stability program (ESP®) are also based on the ABS developed by Bosch. The ESP® launched 25 years ago constantly analyzes vehicle movements and the steering angle. If it detects risk of skidding or slipping, it takes over and stabilizes the vehicle. By now it has become a statutory requirement in several countries and compulsory for all new cars in Europe.

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